Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Use SMART Ink Document Viewer Instead of Adobe Reader

As a SMART Board user for many years I've always used SMART Notebook for annotating notes.  However, there are times I want to pull up a PDF file quickly such as a worksheet or an answer key and don't want to wait for the document to pull up in Notebook.  In the past I would just open the document in Adobe Reader and annotate it there.  But the annotations would not stay with the document because it was adding the annotations as a Ink Layer and you had to clear the ink before moving on.   There had to be a better way!

That's where SMART Ink Document Viewer comes in.  It is a PDF viewer but it works with SMART Ink so that the annotations stay with the text.  Write on the document all you want and scroll away and the annotations will stay!  You can also save the annotations to the PDF for reference later.

So the next time you go to open a PDF, choose "Open With" and choose SMART Ink Document Viewer.

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