Thursday, May 1, 2014

My Flipped Classroom Google Form

One year after flipping my Algebra 1 class I feel I have found the best way for me to have a successful flipped classroom and I wanted to share it.  Below is a sample image of the Google Form I have the students go to each day and below it I will have more detailed info for each part.

1)  Student Email Address:  I always have the students input their student email address so I know who completes the form as well as having the ability to send them their grade on the assignment after I grade it using the add-on Flubaroo.  I found it much easier to have their school domain already filled in for them using the pre-filled option.  (How to create a pre-filled Google Form Blog Post.)

2)  ID Number:  I have the students submit their student ID numbers as a form of double verification.

3)  Period Number:  Because I teach multiple classes of Algebra 1 I need to organize the results by periods.

4)  Embed the Video:  For this school year I have made sure all of my videos are on YouTube so I can embed them into a Google Form.  It is also much more useful for students since they can view YouTube videos on their mobile devices.

5)  Link to the Video:  There are times that the embedded video does not work on their mobile devices so I include the direct link to the video.

6)  Image of the Question:  Google Forms allow you to insert images into a form.  Unfortunately you can not just copy and paste an image.  You have to have the file saved on your computer as an image file to upload to the form.  I usually just screen capture a few problems from worksheets and save those files.  Useful apps for screen captures are Snipping tool, Skitch and PicPick.  (Screenshots Made Easy Blog Post)

7) Multiple Choice Question:  A large majority of the questions I have the students answer after the video are multiple choice questions.  It makes grading and comparing the data easier.

8) Image of a Horizontal Line:  Without inserting and image of a horizontal line it is hard to see what question corresponds to what multiple choice options.  This is not really needed.

The morning after the assignment I grade it using Flubaroo, email the students their grades and use the Summary of responses within forms to guide the lesson for the day.

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