Friday, October 7, 2016

Increase Email Engagement with Infographics

Trying to get the attention of email recipients is difficult with so much going on during the day.  From emails, lesson planning, grading, meeting with students, etc, a teacher's day is packed full.  Most do not have the time to read an email full of information.  They need what your going to tell them to be quick and easy to read.

In my experience infographics have solved this problem.  My emails to the staff are now visually appealing with as little text as possible.  I also embed the infographic as an image in the email so they see the image without having to click another link.  This is a key feature because some teachers will not click a link to an external website.  Below is an example of how my emails used to look and how they have evolved.  I use Piktochart to create my infographics.  It is easy to use with many templates and a very reasonable price for educators.

                        Old Emails                                                              New and Improved Emails

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