Monday, April 28, 2014

Google Tasks: The Way I Stay Organized

Within a normal school day I feel like I have countless things to do and it is hard to keep them organized.  I used to rely on post-it notes but soon my desk was overrun with yellow pieces of paper.  Then came my discovery of Google Tasks.  Google Tasks was a lab within Gmail that Google has made an official feature of Google Apps.  To access your tasks, while in Gmail, click "Mail" in the top left hand corner and tasks will be one of the drop down options.

This will bring up a task list that will be part of your Gmail screen.

You can now add items that you need to complete in the future.  You can also make multiple list to keep things more organized. 

Here are a few benefits to using Google Tasks:
  • When you complete a task, check the checkbox and it crosses the tasks off your list.  Gives a feeling of accomplishment!
  • Integrates with your Google Calendar - When you create a task, you can give it a date and that task will be added to your Google Calendar.

  • View your tasks in Gmail AND Google Calendar.

  • Add tasks on the go with an app.  I use the free app GoTasks on my iPhone and any task I add is automatically added to my Google Tasks list.  Including dates!!

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