Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Untapped Potential of Web Clipboard in Google Drive

Copy and paste is a necessity in creating resources for teaching.  After using copy and paste within Google Drive some things did not paste correctly (especially pasting Google Drawings into a Google Document).

Web Clipboard however is a great tool within Google Drive applications where you can copy an item to a "web clipboard" and access that clipboard from any Google Drive application.  Look at the result of copying the same "entire drawing" to the web clipboard and pasting it into a Google Document.  

The drawing retains it all of its original traits and is a resizable image.  There are other advantages to using the Web Clipboard as well.  The Web Clipboard will hold up to 10 items for 30 days.  That means you can access the same items from the same place without having to copy the item multiple times.  The Web Clipboard is located under the "Edit" menu in every Google Application.

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