Thursday, May 22, 2014

Adobe Acrobatic Pro: 3 of My Favorite Features

PDFs are a great way to distribute notes and answer keys to my students.  PDFs also help because when you create a PDF it retains the form of the original document.  This is essential as a math teacher because of the extensive use of MathType problems.  Without PDFs those math equations may loose their form.  While researching how to edit PDFs I noticed that with a copy of Adobe Acrobatic Pro you can edit PDFs but I had no idea how many other benefits a Pro account had.  My classroom computer has a copy of the Pro version and a brief list of things I do with it is below.

1)  Print as a PDF:  I know that this is already an option from with Chrome (and it is free) but it is nice to open a Word document (or any program with print capabilities) and just choose "Print to PDF" to create a PDF version of my notes.

2)  Convert Picture Files to PDF:  From my time using Google Drive I have found that the most useful way to put answer keys for student access is as a PDF.  I like to take photos of an answer key with my iPhone and then use them but they are a jpeg file.  With Pro you can right click a picture file and "Convert to PDF" right from the desktop.  Then I put that PDF in my Drive so my students can access it.

3)  Combine Multiple Files Into One PDF:  There have been many times that I have had several PDF files but wished I could combine them into just one PDF document.  With Pro you can select multiple files (PDF, picture files, etc) and combine them into a single PDF.  You can also choose specific pages from within them in case you want to leave a page out of the new version.

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