Friday, May 9, 2014

Organize Your Drive Folders with Color

Just like with Google Calendar you can associate a color to your Google Drive folders.  This makes it easy to find the folder you are looking for instead of just seeing the bland gray folders.
It is very easy to associate a color to a folder.  Hover over the folder you want to change and click the "Down Arrow" that pops up to the right of the folder name.  Choose "Change color" and choose a color.  You can also add colors to sub folders as well!


  1. I hate to 'YA BUT' this as I use the color scheme. But folders do not inherit the color of the 'parent' folder so every sub folder is a repeat of having to change its color. As we use the drive as a Filing System its painful repeating the color change on the 100's of folders. wish there was a setting to change all including inherited folders

    1. I can see how there can be some confusion with my statement about subfolders from my post. The subfolders do not retain the same color as the main folders but "you can also add color to them as well." That's what I should have said. I actually like not having the same color for every subfolder. It gives me the chance to associate folders through multiple places base on their importance or topic.