Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Preparing for Next Year With Reoccurring Events

With the end of the year two weeks away it would be nice to have a jump start on next year.  This is the first year I have depended on a Google Calendar for my class calendar and I am so glad I did.  With repeating events in Google Calendar it will make next years schedule so easy.  I usually teach mostly the same classes and other than a minor changes here and there it mostly remains consistent.  This is why I will be making my events from this year yearly repeating events.

There are many benefits to making events reoccurring.

1)  You can move events to different dates.  With reoccurring events, most of the events will not fall on the date you want it to be on.  The great thing is that you can just click and drag the event to a new date without changing the other yearly occurrences.

2) The reoccurring events retain all of the same attributes.  The repeated events keep all of the descriptions, links and attachments that the original event had.

3)  It only takes 7 clicks to make a single event a yearly reoccurring event.  7 clicks sounds way easier than creating a new event and typing in all of the same info.

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