Friday, May 2, 2014

Three Extensions Running Behind the Scenes

Extensions are a great addition to Chrome allowing you to shorten URLs, take screen shots and even condense text (I love TLDR).  But there are extensions that can run in the background without you even know it.  These extension can make Chrome a better experience for the user.  Here are my top three that I have running all the time.

1)  Attachment Icons for Gmail (Link)
Attachment Icons for Gmail is a very basic idea but very helpful.  What this extension does is that it changes the paperclip icon in Gmail (that stands for attachment) to a picture of what the attachment really is.  For example if an email has a pdf attachment the icon is the not paper clip but the icon for pdf.  I it does not recognize the file it will default back to the paper clip icon.

2)  App Launcher Customizer for Google  (Link)
App Launcher Customizer allows you to customize your Google Apps menu so that only the apps you want appear in the menu.  You can add or remove any apps you need to.
I really like quick access to YouTube and Google+.  With App Launcher I can have those easily accessible from my apps menu.

3)  Momentum  (Link)
Momentum is a simple extension that creates an eye pleasing image when you open a new tab instead of the default "New Tab" screen.

Along with a new image, Momentum gives you the current time and your local weather.

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